Weighted Minky Therahoodie®

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Back in Stock! Limited edition original Minky Therahoodie.

The Therahoodie is our super-soft, perfectly balanced weighted hoodie. 

Weighted throughout in our original Minky Thera fabric, our hoodie, is available in Soothing Grey and Calming Navy. Developed to have a relaxed fit, and to wear year-round, our Therahoodies stylish and portable design allows you to zip up and feel the calm at home or away.  

The Science

We all look for calm in our everyday lives. Weighted products are used as tools to find that sense of security to combat the stresses we often face.

The experience of hugging: Hugs are known to lower our stress levels and raise levels of hormones that aid in relaxation and anxiety relief. Our products mimic the feeling of being hugged and help contribute to the relief of stress and anxiety.

Deep touch stimulation: Our products are designed to simulate DTS a therapy which helps in calming the nervous system by applying touch pressure to the body.

In the Box

1 Adult Therahoodie Weighted Hoodie
1 Storage/ Travel Bag


Because we know not all bodies are created equal, we designed our Hoodie keeping everyone in mind. Our relaxed fit contributes to the comfort and experience of our product. Whether you want a slimmer fit or a more roomy feel, you can choose between our three unisex adult sizes.

Therahoodie comes in three adult unisex sizes. S/M and L, & XL, all weighing 10 pounds.

Email Contact@therabrand.co if you have any questions.

Reclaim your relaxation

  • Weighted all the way through

    Thousands of micro glass beads are sewn into each panel for ideal weight distribution throughout.

    No shortcuts - we never use sand, silica or plastic pellets in any of our products.

  • Easy to care for

    Machine wash cold, regular / normal cycle.

    Lay flat to dry.

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Backed by science

Tap into Deep Touch

Our weighted robe simulates the benefits of deep touch stimulation to induce a state of instant tranquility.

Take your calm on the go

The Therahoodies fashionable, and portable design now allows you to reduce your anxieties on the road. Wear your Therahoodie from takeoff to landing or wherever your travels may take you.

Made to feel like a hug

The experience of hugging naturally reduces cortisol, our stress hormone, and boosts serotonin & oxytocin our feel-good hormones. This helps to create a calming effect which promotes the relief of stress and anxiety.

Speeds up athletic recovery by relaxing muscles and improving circulation.

By targeting specific pressure points, our weighted wearables help improve circulation, and relax muscles to help speed up athletic recovery . You’ll instantly feel grounded and at peace.

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