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The Weighted Blanket You Can Wear

All the calming benefits of a weighted blanket in a warm, comfy robe.

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What's a Therarobe?®

Meet the Therarobe

Never Take It Off

You won’t even want to. It’s insanely soft, wearable, and breathable.

Relax in Blissfulness

Mimicking a hug, the Therarobe can calm your stress and anxiety while you relax on your couch or bed.

Easy To Wash

Machine washable and easy to care for! Anyone would love how simple it is to clean.

Soothe Your Stress Away

Simulates deep touch stimulation therapy to induce a state of instant tranquility.

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended

It’s a helpful addition to other treatments.

The cocooning design gives the feeling of a hug, providing feelings of calm and security. 

Halana Rothbort,

MD Psychiatrist

I would definitely recommend Therarobe to my patients.

The deep touch stimulation that the Therarobe provides can significantly reduce anxiety. It is a great addition to psychotherapy and other modalities of treatment. I would definitely recommend Therarobe to my patients.

Jeff Paley, MD

It can make a stressful dental visit more pleasant and comfortable.

Many of our patients suffer from dental anxiety. Thera makes the visit more pleasant and a comfortable experience for them.

Saul Schwartzstein,

DDS. Periodontist

Doctor Recommended

The Perfect Gift

From sitting at the desk to lounging on the couch, this is perfect for anyone

Stress and Anxiety Reducing

Feels like a big warm hug. Hugs are known to help reduce stress hormones while boosting our feel-good hormones.


Weighted products are known to help with sensory issues by providing a sense of comfort and safety

Why Get A Therarobe®?

Quilted Panels

Helps evenly distribute weight without beads shifting around.

Soft Fleece Lining

No itchiness, just soft feeling of fabric that you’ll never want to take off!

The Perfect Weight

Shown to be the perfect snuggling weight without being too heavy

Buy Now — 12% OFF

“Self care is not selfish. Thera is the gift of relaxation to yourself anytime, anywhere”

- Jenny, Founder of Thera

Started From Love and Care

From one mom to another, hear our story

Struggling to balance the demands of everyday life, Jenny thought depression and anxiety were an everyday norm. Until one day, it reached an unmanageable point.

After exploring different methods of therapy to help, Jenny found the positive benefits of a good hug. She launched Therabrand to connect relaxation between the body and the mind. Now Thera offers thousands of people immediate relief and relaxation.

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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Worn and Loved By Our Customers

Just what I needed!

I knew the Robe it was the product for me. It is so calming and comfortable! I practically wear it every night to wind down after my long days

Dani on Dec. 28, 2022

Verified Buyer

I had no idea that I needed so much

This robe is beyondddd therapeutic.. I put it on and instantly felt a wave of comfort and relief. it actually put me asleep within a half hour of wearing it because I was so relaxed

Jennifer M. on July 12, 2022

Verified Buyer

Prepare to be blown away!

I was blown away by how soft the material was and how well everything was put together. I put it on and felt instant relief, like I was getting a hug from someone, feeling secure and comfortable.

Kara on Feb. 11, 2023

Verified Buyer

Buy Now — 12% OFF
Buy Now — 12% OFF

Wrap Yourself in Calm®

The Weighted Blanket You Can Wear

Evenly distributed weight to mimic a hug

Machine washable

Start Your Journey To Calm