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Anytime, anywhere, the Therarobe is weighted comfort, made convenient. You’ll never want to take it off — and you won’t have to.

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Like a full-body hug, weighted products reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), and boost serotonin (the feel-good hormone). Our weighted robe is the perfect therapeutic tool — especially for those with anxiety, ADHD, autism or other sensory issues.

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Don’t just put yourself in power-saving mode. Thera’s range of weighted wearables will instantly refresh your mind and body.

“There’s something called a Therarobe. I’m obsessed with it and it’s genius!”

Mayim Bialik

Neuroscientist, Actor & Author

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Best Seller

Adult Weighted Robe

Our super-soft, perfectly balanced robe will reduce your stress, maximize your rest and leave you feeling grounded and at peace.

Kids’ Weighted Robe

Ideal for ages 7-11, your little ones will adore the soothing energy our specially designed weighted robe will give them.

Weighted Blankets

Achieve faster, deeper sleep and sink into serenity with our weighted blankets.

Reclaim your relaxation

Filled with micro glass beads (no sand or silica) for ideal weight distribution throughout.

Machine washable and easy to care for.

Scientifically backed to quickly reduce stress, ease tension and create calm.

The perfect work from home companion — great for helping you get in the zone.

Uses deep touch stimulation therapy to induce a state of instant tranquility.

Especially helpful for those with anxiety, ADHD, autism or other sensory issues.

People are loving the Therarobe

People are loving the Therarobe

“This robe literally feels like being wrapped in a hug. There’s a sense of calm that comes over when you put it on."


— Lisa S.

Verified Buyer

“Really changed my life."


— Eli

Verified Buyer

“I am loving my Robe!!! I just want to sit in it all day”


— Nicole

Verified Buyer

“It sure is a great investment for self-care. At times that I feel stressed, I just put my Therarobe on and the calming effect is really amazing.”


— Jay S.

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