How do I wash and care for my Thera products?

All of our products are easy to care for, throw them in the washing machine on a regular, cold, cycle and lay flat to dry. 

How long does it take to get my Thera Product?

On average, it takes a week from the time you place your order to receive your package, but it depends on where you live and whether you placed your order on non-business days. 

Can I return my Thera product?

Yes, although we prefer you love your robe and keep it forever, we know returns are a part of life. We accept returns up to 15 days after delivery and we will refund the full order amount minus the shipping costs for the return. 

Send an email to returns@therabrand.co to process your return.

I just got my robe, why are there glass beads in the box? Is there a hole in my robe?

When our factory packages the orders, on occasion, some glass beads from the warehouse make their way into the box. This is nothing to be worried about.