Weighted Therarobe®

Our 10-pound, machine-washable Therarobe® gives you the comfort you need. Shop our three sizes and two colors!

Why The Therarobe®

Filled with premium quality micro glass beads (no sand or silica) for ideal weight distribution throughout.

Machine washable and easy to care for.

Scientifically backed to help reduce stress, ease tension and create calm.

The perfect work from home companion — great for helping you get in the zone.

Simulates deep touch stimulation therapy to induce a state of instant tranquility.

Especially helpful for those with anxiety, ADHD, autism or other sensory issues.

Great for Stress

"I heard about the Therarobe and decided to buy one. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Whenever I am studying for an exam or simply getting away from the stresses of the day, I simply throw this on and lay down on a couch or bed. Seriously, you will not regret buying this robe!"

Just What I Needed

"I had always wanted to try a weighted blanket because I’ve heard of it’s stress relieving abilities, but once I found Thera’s weighted robe I knew that it was the product for me. It is so calming and comfortable! I love how where’s extra weight on my shoulders and how the weight goes all the way down to the bottom. I can no longer imagine a life without my Therarobe!"

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