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I've teamed up with Thera to give away a FREE Therarobe every month! Just fill out the form once, and you'll be re-entered every month—check my TiKTok for the winner!

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Your Favorite Blanket Can Be Worn Anywhere

Meet the Therahoodie

Never Take It Off

You won’t even want to. It’s insanely

soft, wearable, and breathable.

Work in Blissfulness

Mimicking a hug, Therahoodie will

calm stress and anxiety while

you’re on the go

Easy To Wash

Machine washable and 

easy to care for

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The Perfect Fit For Anyone—And Everyone

From lounging on the couch, to an active day outside, this is for you


Weighted products are known to help

with sensory issues by providing a

sense of comfort and safety

Stress & Anxiety Reducing

Feels like a big warm hug. Hugs are known to help reduce stress hormones while boosting our feel-good hormones.

Faster Athletic Recovery

Targets pressure points to improve circulation, which relaxes muscles for a speedier recovery.

The original weighted hoodie. Portable, evenly weighted to cuddle you anywhere you go.


Use code NICOLEP10 at checkout for 10% off!

Why Get A Therahoodie?

Quilted Panels

Helps evenly distribute weight without beads shifting around.

Soft Fleece Lining

No itchiness, just soft feeling of fabric that you’ll never want to take off!

The Perfect 10 Pounds

Shown to be the perfect snuggling weight without being too heavy


Take Self Care Anywhere

Machine washable

Evenly distributed to mimic a hug

Wear it fashionably anywhere

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Raffle Details

The raffle will be drawn once a month at the beginning of the month.

The winner can be located anywhere in the world!

Once you enter you will be entered again every month.

Two names will be drawn monthly! The winners can either choose a kid's Therarobe or an adult Therarobe.

Good Luck & Wrap yourself in calm! :)