Scream Therapy & Its Benefits

Scream therapy, also known as primal scream therapy, is a method for stress and anxiety relief through the act of screaming. Scream therapy is actually a practice that artist, Kanye West, highly praises. This type of therapy is about connecting with the negative emotion, feeling the  emotion, and then releasing it through screaming. Screaming and shouting is also an ancient form of Chinese medicine, as they believed that screaming is beneficial to one’s health. Scream therapy is a great method for pushing out negative energy, that leaves an individual free from their negative feelings related to stress and anxiety. While you may think that just screaming will help alleviate those negative feelings, you may be surprised to know that it is recommended to talk with a therapist or specialist before partaking in scream therapy. Scream therapy can potentially be more harmful to more than just your vocal chords, so make sure to reach out and contact the right people before engaging in primal scream therapy.

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