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Take your Culture Vitamins

Take your Culture Vitamins

Take your culture vitamins by engaging in cultural events on the daily, such as attending an art museum or going to an opera.

With mental illness being its own unique type of pandemic, people suffering from mental illness are constantly in search of methods to alleviate their symptoms. Many people suffering with mental illness are sometimes unable to afford therapy, medication , or treatments. Thankfully, that’s where the culture vitamins come in.

In Denmark, an arts program called “Kulturvitaminer”, meaning “culture vitamins”, was launched to help unemployed Denmark citizens who suffer from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and stress.

This ten week program gives participants the opportunity to attend two to three cultural excursions each week, ranging from activities surrounding music, literature, history, theatre, and nature.

Participants have had the opportunity to attend the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and watch live rehearsals and performances, which has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. Furthermore, attending these events and singing along with a group of people releases dopamine and creates a sense of belonging.

Other excursions target various objectives, such as increasing resilience, stimulating neural pathways, increasing empathy, and acknowledging the positive effect of nature on mental health.

While Denmark is currently the only country with this type of program, remember that you can initiate these sorts of excursions on your own. Gather up a group of friends, family, coworkers, or peers, go explore a local art museum, and immerse yourself in that experience.

These activities can do wonders for your mental health, so don’t forget to take your culture vitamins!