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Athletes: Recover Faster with Weighted Products

Athletes: Recover Faster with Weighted Products

Weighted products are beneficial for athletes because they have been proven to relieve stress and increase blood circulation throughout the body.

Are you an athlete? If so, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling of sore muscles after an intense workout. It seems like the only thing anyone would want at that point is some recovery time, especially to let the muscles rest. Some people recover with ice baths or heat compression, but if you really want to expedite your recovery, you should invest in some weighted products.

Recovery is extremely important whenever you’re working out. Working out breaks your muscles down with microtears, and recovery is where your true muscle and strength gains occur. A lot of the time, athletes will face an injury that could’ve been avoided with proper recovery. A proper recovery includes sleep, stretching, and the right nutrition. Compression can also be part of the recovery process, which is where weighted products come in.

Research has shown promising results for athletes who use weighted blankets for sore muscles. This is because of two main components:

  1. Sleep is only beneficial to recovery when it is restful sleep. One cannot be stressed going to sleep, and have a good recovery. Weighted blankets have been proven to relieve stress, as the weight sensation increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels, promoting very restful sleep.
  2. Compression increases blood circulation throughout the body, which means newly oxygenated blood is cycled into your sore muscles to help them heal more quickly. Compression also reduces swelling and inflammation caused by a sore muscle.

Although a weighted blanket will not instantly turn you into an Olympian, it can still provide many benefits. Whether you’re a D1 athlete, or you attend weekly pilates classes, recovery is crucial towards achieving your athletic goals.