The 7 Components to Good Mental Health

On the path along to achieving complete wellness, there are several factors that individuals need to consider before declaring a healthy life. Mental health is a huge part of achieving wellness because having a healthy mindset provides an opportunity for growth in all other aspects of life. These seven components specifically target the devastating effects of mental health, in an effort to improve them.

In-person (or virtual)  therapy has been a tool that many people have used for a while. In fact, it is the first form of treatment that people think of when they decide that they want to improve their mental health. Therapy is great because you have the ability to decompress by speaking to a licensed professional, while also learning techniques of self-care and regulation to put into action. Community is important when it comes to mental health because it can look like a variety of different things. It can be a support group, like-minded people, or even friends and family that are there to be on your mental health journey with you. Physical health goes hand in hand with mental health because the brain and the body are very intimately interconnected. This means that eating well, staying hydrating, getting enough rest, and exercising have positive effects on your mental wellbeing. Intellectual health has to do with exercising your mind and learning about yourself along the way. Whether this looks like meditation, reflections, journaling, or deep breathing, they all have the ability to benefit your mental state. Environmental health has to do with the way your environment impacts you. Consistent daily stressors, whether that be people, events, or living conditions, can have negative implications that can contribute to poor mental and cognitive function. Setting boundaries and learning to say “no” is a very important skill when prioritizing your own mental health. Finally, practicing self-care and engaging in activities that you love to do will always lift your soul, body, and spirit.

At the end of the day, mental health improvement and progression are up to the individual themselves. It must come from their own commitment and willingness to improve their mental health. By remembering these seven components, any person can be well on their way to a healthier mind and healthier life.

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