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Covid And Stress

Covid And Stress




The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly become a significant source of stress in many people’s lives. The fear and anxiety of illness along with the unknown facts of this new disease are causing stress levels to rise in both adults and children.During this crisis protecting ourselves from the inevitable fears and anxieties can be challenging. There are techniques and strategies, which we on our own can put into place to help minimize the overwhelming worry.

Along with practicing the necessary recommended social distancing that has been suggested , one should try to “media distance” as well. The media is flooded with coronavirus information, not necessarily accurate and mostly all negative. These media messages elicit fearful thoughts and panicked perceptions causing anxiety levels to rise. Many news sources provide speculative false and unreliable information ,any crucial information that would be necessary to know will surely reach you regardless of whether you are glued to the latest news.

While disconnecting from news sources, try to take advantage of the extra time you now have while we remain closer to home. Use this time productively by accomplishing things you haven’t found time for previously. Organize the closet you wanted to for years, clean out your attic or start organizing your photos into albums. You may consider a new hobby; from playing a musical instrument to learning how to knit, many different classes of all genres are offered online. They can be learned at your own pace and help you focus on new accomplishments, rather than on the virus and its current limitations.

As always in stressful times we should try to quiet our minds and achieve more peaceful thoughts. Practicing yoga and meditation have been proven to obtain a more tranquil and serene disposition. These activities can be carried out from the comfort of your own home. Many free classes are offered online at all different levels of expertise.

Talking to a professional can help you through this unprecedented time. You should not suffer in silence. If you are experiencing an increase in anxiety there are many options to help in this difficult time. Most therapists are offering telehealth for your convenience and safety reasons. This can increase people’s treatment options by not only limiting them to professionals in their local area.

Stay confident that this too shall pass. Although we may not have control over the pandemic, we do control our response to it. Stay positive and grateful for all the good you have in your life. Look forward to resuming your freedom to gather with friends, participate in normal daily activities, and to a healthier society in general. You do still have choices. Choose to be positive and opt for the healthier choices that you can control.