What’s All The Talk About “Rage Rooms”?

What is a “rage room”?

Rage rooms, sometimes referred to as “break rooms” or “anger rooms” are places where you have the opportunity to break and destroy items, consequence-free. This past year, rage rooms have gotten extremely popular and have been seen all over social media, getting amazing reviews.

How does it work?

Participants are given protective gear, like goggles, helmets, proper shoes, etc. to make sure that they are safe when they begin to destroy the items. Rooms are set up with breakable items for participants to smash for a few minutes at a time (usually around 10 minutes).

The Benefits

While this may not be the most effective method of managing anger or relieving stress, there are still some benefits when going to a rage room. According to the catharsis theory of aggression, if people are able to vent their frustration and anger, their anger will decrease. Thus, venting frustration through smashing objects may also reduce anger levels. There are still several studies researching the effects of this new activity, therefore many actual benefits are unknown as of now. Nevertheless, this is a fun, new bonding activity that serves as a memorable experience.

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